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Antimatter Cannon
Antimatter Cannon
Weapon Attributes
Damage (PR) 500
Splash Radius 50
Fire Rate 0.5
Range 3000
Velocity 1800
Health 350
Mass 210
Energy consumption 112 (p/rounds)
Regrowth (seconds) 5.7
P required 482
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.


The Antimatter Cannon is the most expensive long ranged weapon for Faction 8. It does explosive splash damage to anything it hits. It has the second-longest range of the Faction 8 guns, a near equal to the Railgun. Comparatively speaking the Torpedo Launcher deals the same amount of damage and is also cheaper to equip but the Antimatter Cannon's projectiles are much faster making it more useful against smaller enemies, but ideally the Antimatter Cannon works as a "fire support" weapon or a "sniper" as this weapon has long range and high damage it is also good at picking off sentry pods thanks to it's range.