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Burst Laser
Burst Laser
Weapon Attributes
Damage (Full) 200
Charge Time (sec) 2.0
Minimum Discharge (sec) 0.2
Turret Turnrate 229
Range 1400
Health 50
Mass 15
Energy consumption 23 (per discharge)
Regrowth (seconds) 1.5
P required 76
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.


The Burst Laser is a Faction 8's charging laser weaponry that fires powerful single laser beams.

Probably the most effective anti fighter/corvette turret in the game, due to the light-speed nature of lasers, putting these turrets on autofire can almost be considered a cheat, as the ship AI will pinpoint exactly where to hit, and thus your ship will now be equipped with aimbot hitscan weaponry. If you find this too cheap however, you can set the array equipped with burst lasers to ripple fire, as this will allow you to fire the lasers continuously while holding your preferred key in, rather than having to let go of said button to fire. This goes for most Charge weaponry also.

Being powerful, compact and with pretty good range, the Burst Laser is a must in every faction 8 ship arsenal.