Faction 3
F3 Starter
Faction 3 starter ship
Faction Attributes
  • Low armor
  • No component scaling
  • Close-range brawling weapons

Faction 3 is a faction consisting of relatively weakly-armored ships with lots of weapons. Their default color scheme is yellow-orange and red. Their ships are made up of many small parts, none of their blocks scale. Their components come in parallelogram, pentagon, and trapezoid shapes. Their style is somewhat similar to Faction 11, in that they do not use any rectangular blocks, unlike said faction however, they do not have any triangular blocks either, which often leads to their ships having lots of open space in them, and encourages a more ball like construction method.

Their weapons are red, and none of them use shields. Their ships tend to have the most weaponry, though their weapons tend to be low damage and short range. They use a combination of weapons, but their most effective are their cheap laser rocket drones. Capital ships also have the ability to spawn in a number of smaller ships using whatever resources they can gather. While this fleet has low armor, they recover destroyed parts very fast. They are usually found attacking other factions. Most of their weapons have very high muzzle velocity however, which makes them very efficient at raining death upon your weak scout ships if you have any.

When selecting this faction in the start of the game shows red text "Warning: Hard Mode".

Strategies Edit

add info about gameplay strategies here!


Name Damage Splash Rate Range Velocity Aimable P
Blaster 20 N/A 5 600 1200 Yes 6
Phaser 45 15 1 1500 1500 Yes 27
Tempest 20 N/A 40 1300 1000 Yes 93

Name Damage Range Aimable P
Laser 250 600 Yes 68
Anti-Missile Laser 50 400 Auto 3
Drone Launcher 100 400 Semi-Auto 82


Name Health Mass Regrowth
Penrose Zero 47 4 0.2
Penrose One 76 7 0.2
Adapter 75 8 0.5

Name Thrust Health Mass Regrowth P
Thruster [Mini] 10k 4 1 0.9 3
Thruster [Small] 30k 27 8 2.2 4
Thruster [Medium] 70k 110 33 4.5 7
Thruster [Large] 150k 247 74 6.7 10

Name R Capacity R Collection Range Energy Generated Energy Stored P
Generator 400 N/A 100/sec 300 30
Factory 100 1000 N/A N/A 105

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