Faction 4
F4 Starter
Faction 4 starter ship
Faction Attributes
  • Modular weaponry system
  • Well shielded

Faction 4 is one of the 7 factions accessible to be played. Their ships are armed with customizable front-firing cannons, point defense lasers, and drone launchers. Hull pieces for this faction include squares, right triangles, and a trapezoidal adapter.

The default colors of this faction are crimson and dark purple. In their color scheme, their thrusters are a bright red and the trails are green, quite contrasting to their hull parts. Their weapons are blue, and most of their ships use shields, even small fighters, due to the small size of the basic shield projector.

They are well known for their forward-firing modular weaponry, which is their defining feature, and is unique to this faction. The modular weaponry system works by using parts that can modify their basic cannon, increasing various stats. This means they, in theory, can have the most powerful weapons, though those weapons would be very large, expensive, and fragile. They regenerate their ships at a relatively slow rate.

Interestingly, plants in their starting territories will be teal instead of green.

Strategies Edit

When starting as Faction 4, it is quite similar to Faction 2. Before entering any hostile territories, attach many Solar Arrays with only a little defense. Then, return to a station to trade for credits. Continue until you have enough to maximize P and unlock the entire palette.

This faction tends to move in groups of ships and drones, and should not attack other factions or agents unless well prepared.

This faction is almost always referred to as Overpowered and is almost universally hated in tournaments for the pure sniper style ships. Can have the longest range of any faction but is limited due to how far the camera can zoom out. Any agents of these factions are armed with fast firing OP guns. Anything (well designed) over 2000p from this faction can normally kill almost anything that gets in front of it. It is recommended to be careful when engaging this faction's agents.

Trivia Edit

  • Factions 4 and 2 are easily expandable factions, as they can build up many fleets very quickly.
    • To balance these two factions, they have relatively weak palettes.

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