Faction 6
Faction 6
Ships of the faction
Faction Attributes
  • Cheap fast producing Laser Drones
  • Laser Turret

Faction 6 is an unplayable Faction and appear either in the middle or the outer regions of the map. They consists with a Laser Turrets and Laser Drones to harass enemies with in range however, their hulls are easily destroyed when met high damage and eventually it will went through to its' command module if its receive greater amount of damage.

Their blocks don't have any different or unique shapes but rather, parallelogram shapes. Their hues are pure white and contrast with light grey to a darker grey, and the outline colors are light blue or faint black.

It can be seen their structures that attached to a asteroids, it lacks of defense turrets to fend off enemies unlike the Faction 12. The ships will shape as either rectangle or square. It has a unique feature than the other factions that it will spawn a large ships that composed of a medium ships to smaller ships only appeared in rare occasions, once it destroyed, the core of a destroyed composed ships will detached into a fragmented parts of vessels though it has their own thrusters in case of being destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • They are called "Cubians" named by z0mbiesrock
  • Faction 6 and Faction 12 are the only that have structures but not does not relate to Faction 13 and Faction 5.
  • It can be playable by re-configure from .cvars that locate in Local Disc (C:)/Users/"The name of a owner's computer*/Saved Games/Reassembly/Data then add 6
    • To find in the .cvars, find the kPlayableFactions = {8, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 15} in order appear the in-game, remove the number sign (#). Be warned, that it will crash the game in a moment.

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