Weapon Attributes
Damage (PS) 0
Range 700
Health 100
Mass 30
Energy consumption 0 /sec
Regrowth (seconds) 4.3 secs
P required 14
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.


The 'Manipulator' is a Terran exclusive item, As far as I know so far anyway. It's used for grabbing objects and moving them, As the tool-tip states in game. It's base size is 2 Blocks, In comparison to the ordinary, one by one block. it also has two angled sides to form a triangle. fitting with most shapes and making it a good building part. I have discovered it's EASIEST to use with Keyboard Controls on, And uses the thrust of the ship it's currently attached to, So say you're trying to move an asteroid with 300K mass. And have a ship with 100K thrust (In a dedicated direction.) It'll move extremely sluggish. But if you have 300K+ Mass, It'll move at a fairly even, Smooth speed. I personally recommend having 2 or maybe 3 manipulators if you're planning on moving large obstacles as it provides more grab strength. Especially if your ship is smaller than the object you're wishing to move.

The Manipulator

Here are the stats of the Manipulator:


Manipulator - 14PGrabber beam Beam weapon:Tractor Force:  50000/sec    Turret Speed:  344 degrees/sec  Range:            700              Health:           100                      Regrowth: 4.3 secs Energy:           0/sec           Mass:             30                              =) 

It's more of a tool than a weapon, and I'd recommend using it on Non-AI units. As the AI don't really know how to use it efficiently. It can be used as a weapon though (Holding an enemy in place long enough for you to kill it) But it's tedious and requires some skills to be able to pull off, Such as utilizing the weapon layout and keyboards controls along with both clicks (One to hold in place the other to fire primaries) so it'll be difficult but will help out for fast, small enemies as it has no decline of speed. Meaning when it hits a small object (Enemy ship in this case) the enemy will stop dead in his tracks and be held in the tractor, Beware though as the enemy can still utilize the turning capabilities of his ship, hence turning his ship around and firing back at you. So move quick and kill quicker. :).  A small note is that you can not pull items closer or push them farther away, They stay in place where you grabbed them from the start, Utilizing you're ships thrust as their own. So beware of that.

Feel free to update this with any extra information you have found on the Manipulator. Enjoy!

Also this is my first article. so cut some slack on poorly done things. :)