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Proton Sword
Proton Sword
Weapon Attributes
Damage (PS) 2000
Turret Turnrate 344
Range 200
Health 200
Mass 60
Energy consumption 50 (per second)
Regrowth (seconds) 3.0
P required 90
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.


Proton Swords are a powerful weapon. They are very dangerous up close, but have such a short range they are useless at even medium distances. However, they are useful for mining asteroids (to create bunkers and growing surfaces for plants) and are absolutely devastating against weaker ships. Since Proton Swords are only good weapons at point-blank range be sure the ship it is equipped on is nimble or strong enough to get though enemy fire. A good way to use these are to set them to "Point Defense" so they can automatically fire and be useful as a defensive and offensive weapon and if a fighter gets too close (or whatever you get within the Proton Sword's range) will be ripped apart by the high DPS of the weapon. For those who struggle with taking down ships or stations (for example the large and heavily armed dreadnoughts that guard Crystalline territory) you could try to build a fast and durable ship to pull a suicide mission to take down your target (also works on agents).

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