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Reassembly was an Indie video game project undergoing development by Anisoptera Games with Indie Voyage aided on Kickstarter. Currently the alpha testing phase has ended and now the game has progressed to have entered its Beta phase. The full release was scheduled for February 2015. Although the Beta is over, there are still plan for future developments.
The wiki was founded by alpha testers to build up a wikia database about the game, and we strive our goal to let this wiki be known to the general public with great contributors and editors, and eventually building up a community on Wikia along with the Reassembly Forums, our place of origin. And if you were new to wikis and wish to help this wiki to develop please feel free to check the Wikia Help Database. Everyone is welcome to contribute.

Currently our wiki is short on editors, so if you are interested in adopting this wiki you are welcomed to do so. Also under the poll graph on the right you can access more polling pages or leave a suggestion about new polls.

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There's already a wiki in other languages, and we highly encourage founders across wikia network to founding localized versions of this wiki in other languages, the list of currently already available wiki is below:
Please leave a message on the wiki talk pages or the wiki forums to let us known if you have created a language wiki to be reviewed and approved.

Global Components

All the official components for each of official factions will appear and listed at the link stated above
Mod Components
This subpage will list components created by modding for either vanilla and mods factions

Meet the Factions

Vanilla Factions
These are the official playable factions, click on each of the images on the slideshow to visit corresponding pages to them.
  • Go to Faction 15
  • Go to Faction 12
  • Go to Faction 11
  • Go to Faction 4
  • Go to Faction 3
  • Go to Faction 2
  • Go to Faction 8


Tournamental Archives

The archived record of past and presents official tournaments


This is the mod database on the wiki. The mod list will be divided into categories below:
Components Packs - New Factions - Modifications - Utilities


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Reassembly Gameplay

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