NAVIGATION: Components > Tempest
Weapon Attributes
Damage (PR) 20
Burst Size (rounds) 4
Fire Rate 40
Turret Turnrate 344
Projectiles Spread (+-degrees) +-0.57
Range 1300
Velocity 1000
Health 344
Mass 103
Energy consumption 3 (per rounds)
Regrowth (seconds) 7.9
P required 93
Projectile / Drone Attributes
Note: If the above weapon has launchable projectiles then these stats will shown here.


The Tempest is a Faction 3 projectile weapon that shoots a rapid-fire stream of projectiles at enemies. As you would have probably guessed from the name the Tempest can generate hailstorms of gunfire with great range but be cautious when attaching lots of these to a ship since the recoil could propel the ship like an engine.

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