Thrusters (referred to as Boosters in Faction 11) are components which are universally accessible to all mobile factions (excluding Factions 5 and 9.) Each faction's thrusters may have different shapes and different thrust values, but their basic function is essentially the same across all the factions. A thruster can only provide thrust in the direction in which it is oriented. Thrusters are shown as having two attachment points in build mode, but only the "inner" one (on the smaller side) can be attached to non-thruster components. The "inner" attachment point of a thruster also serves to indicate the direction in which the thruster will push the ship. The "outer" attachment point (located on the wider end of the thruster) can only be attached to the "inner" attachment point of another thruster. Thrusters can be stacked on top of each other using these special attachment points. This does not provide as much of a boost in thrust compared to having the thrusters spread out across the craft (provided that they all face the same direction), but it does allow for more space-efficient placement.